Does America Still Have Heroes?

Topics: United States, Martin Luther King, Jr., African American Pages: 2 (829 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Does America Still Have Heroes?
By: Feyikemi Osundina

Where are all our heroes? Do we even have any left in America? Of course we do. Just ask the hundreds of thousands of people in the military. Ask the mothers and fathers who have lost a son or daughter in past wars or in the current war on terrorism. Ask the daughters and sons who did not get to say goodbye to their mothers, fathers, sisters or brothers. Ask the soldiers themselves who witnessed fellow soldiers being killed or permanently injured in battle. Ask them, and you will realize that America still has many heroes. Many may think that a hero is a superhero with magical powers, a celebrity with fame and fortune, or a historical figure that has helped shape American history, but I believe that America’s veterans are the true heroes of this great country.

Can a superhero really be categorized as a hero? Every child has dreams of being a superhero that has miraculous strength, the ability to fly, become invisible, breathe fire or run with blazing speed. Even as we grow older, many of us hold onto fantasies of becoming Superman, Cat Woman, or even the Incredible Hulk. Such imaginative thoughts are born out of stories of action and adventure where spectacular events unfold through the eyes of incredible men or women of courage. However, these stories do not mention veterans, who are the real heroes who possess super powers of their own.

With superheroes out of the running, what about celebrities? Are they the true heroes of America? Many people have a favorite celebrity that they admire, but my belief is that any veteran of the United States of America has much more heroic qualities than any actor, musician or socialite. Although some celebrities should be commended for their efforts in volunteering in their communities and countries around the world, their actions will never measure up to the sacrifices made by America’s veterans. Fame and fortune can be lost at any moment, but veterans can never...
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