Does America Provide Citizens with the American Dream?

Topics: Disability, Developmental disability, Self-advocacy Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Does America still provide access to the American dream, to the tired, poor, and the huddled masses? In my opinion yes America does provide the American dream in many ways, the American dream provides hope to all people regardless their background. Three main ways America provides its citizens with the American dream is by providing social programs for the financially unstable Americans, offering rights to the physically and mentally disabled and providing the choice of free will to do with our lives as we please. One subject the American dream is attainable to are the socially challenged people in the American society today. Americans realized back in the 1900’s that social programs needed to be created to take the power away from political machines. The political machines would buy the votes of presidents in election. Many immigrants found themselves in debt to the political machines and the government soon came up with social programs that would help the financially unstable become debtless to political powers. Today we know these programs as food stamps or welfare checks. These social programs allow families the purchase of food and necessities any American family would have along with the help of paying the bills of the house hold. Social programs are a big access to the American dream the main objective is to lend a helping hand to the people who are in their rough patch in life. Sometimes this is the hidden Dream of Americans. America provides the American dream to the physically and mentally challenged American citizens in the society today. It is not their fault that they are mentally or physically impaired and America understands that. We have programs in school systems that allow impaired students to come and learn regardless the situation. Whether they are an unfocused child or a girl with M.S, America gives them the rights they deserve but not just in school. Impaired beings receive the special treatments they need in order to be able to...
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