Does Access to Condoms Prevent Teen Pregnancy

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  • Published : September 24, 2011
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Does Access To condoms Prevent Teen Pregnancy?

By: Kristin Boyd

It’s a late Saturday afternoon. After finishing a successful date with your significant other, you’re feeling a bit more frisky than usual. You’re interested, but knowing you want the full package, that package must be wrapped. You travel to the nearest convenience store, your local gas station. You acknowledge that this is where you receive the wrapping paper for your rather pleasant surprise. Step by step, you make your way into the store. Obviously embarrassed, your face begins to blush and your eyes widen. Your mouth stiffens and you begin to second-guess your purchase. Your heart throbs every moment you step closer to the counter. After moments of discouraging yourself to by the “wrapping paper”, you leave, without a second thought. Although you left the shiny rubber wrapping, your date still remains present. You begin to forget as if all previous events had happened, losing yourself. After getting caught up in the moment, you receive your present, but have failed to wrap it. I myself being an adolescent teen, I am aware of such situations. Why get a gift if it’s not wrapped? After successfully opening your prize, 9 months later, you suffer the most excruciating consequences. Teenage pregnancy is not only that easy to happen, but easy to prevent as well.

Many people of all ages feel that condoms are a very successful way to prevent pregnancy. I on the other hand, feel that condoms are vastly overrated for their protection and prevention. Several mishaps can occur during the acts of intercourse, causing a condoms protection to fail. There are multiple positive attributes that condoms bring to the sexually active, but the negative override the positive completely. Condoms can brake, teens of a young age are embarrassed to buy them, even with the easy access to condoms, we are fully unaware that teens will use them, and technology today has destroyed several or all thought of proper...
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