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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Summary Marketing Strategy – Performance relationship

The study differs from previous studies:
* They considered a comprehensive set of potential determinants of exports market performance * The unit of analysis is the individual product-market export venture, rather than the firm or a business division * The analysis is based on in-depth personal interviews.

The results support the contention that export marketing strategy, firm’s international competence and managerial commitment are the key determinants of export performance. Export marketing strategy is influenced by internal (firm and product characteristics) and external factors (industry and export market characteristics.

The relationship between export marketing strategy and export performance remains an unresolved issue. Issues in Export Marketing Strategy and Performance:
The link between export marketing strategy and performance has been investigated and these studies typically attempt to identify key factors that contribute to successful export marketing: * Management attitudes

* Other firm, industry, product and export market factors. Variables influencing successful export marketing can be reduced to: 1. Basis company offerring
2. Contractual link with foreign distributors/agents
3. Export promotion
4. Pricing
But there are at least three issues in previous studies that undermine their findings regarding the nature and strength of the relationship between export marketing strategy and performance: 1. Level of analysis, studies have been conducted at the overall firm level. Considerable variations in export marketing strategy and performance often exist across various product-market export ventures of the same firm. It’s unrealistic to expect that the same marketing strategy can lead to the same results in all export market ventures. 2. The faillure of previous studies to incorporate strategic considerations in exporting. Previous studies have viewed...
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