Documentary Review: the Cove

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  • Published : October 16, 2011
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Kelsey Adams
Essay #1 Doc. Review
Eng. V01A
S. Beynon

“The Cove” is a riveting story of a journey that brings viewers a long side with a few brave and passionate people, who try to uncover the gut curdling horror of the dolphin slaughtering in Taji, Japan. This is not your typical environmental movie telling you that you should recycle or eat organic whole foods. This movie takes you into the nitty gritty world of cold hard facts. The main leader in this story, Richard O’Barry has had his own vendetta for the last 4 decades trying to salvage the dolphin race. The subject of dolphins is a sore spot in his heart. Famously known for the capturing and training of several dolphins for the 1960’s hit Flipper, which struck a goldmine of media for the marine life industry but O’Barry had drastically changed his ways following the death of his costar dolphin, Kathy, who he quoted committed suicide in his arms. Immediately following the death of Kathy, he was arrested for trying to release a dolphin from its captivity. He has been on a role ever since. So he and Louie Psihoyos, the director, are on the hunt to bring down this savage two-faced industry, and expose it to the world. This is a glorifying movie, it is not your typical cookie cutter film that has fields of flowers and it rains smiles, it gets down to the truth and shows the lengths people go to prove it, and that we need to look beyond our everyday life and try to help even if in the simplest of ways.

Louie Psihoyos, the director of The Cove beings his movie with black and white thermal images of scenes occurring around the local city of Taji, this starts the viewers early on to feel fearful of this city, his usage of eerie imagery helps the viewers to see through the eyes of the crew and how emotionally terrifying it has been for the cast. He makes you feel like you are really apart of what is happening as he takes you into this cat and mouse spy thriller he has created....
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