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Documentaries aka
Real life, real stories, real people
Gitta Gaal

During the winter/spring season when the weather is stormy and cold outside, we all just want to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket and watch movies. Well, when it comes to movies, we all know where to look for them. We ask friends for recommendations, check out cinema websites or read about them on one of the 1000 sites that provide us with reviews and trailers. What about those informative and interesting documentaries that no one ever talks about? We don’t watch them, because no one talks about them! So one day, I was browsing the internet, looking for documentaries and found a couple of alluring stories that I want to share with you all. I assure you that all of them will grab your attention, because they are all top quality, produced by the best of the best within the industry! Searching for Sugar Man (2012) – I’ve recently watched this documentary and honestly I find it one of the greatest and amazing stories ever told. The story ’follows’an artist, called Rodriguez, who’s biggest passion is music. He kicks off his career in a small town in America, but unfortunately for him, he doesn’t make it a success. He disappears from the earth, not knowing that even though his American dream failed, he still managed to charm South Africa with his music. Despite all the rumours about his whereabouts and well-being, a music journalist decides to look for the hidden talent and discover what his story is. What’s next? Well, you’re going to have to watch the movie and find out for yourself. Besides the amazing story, you get the chance to enjoy some of his finest songs that will certainly take your breath away! Hot Coffee (2011) –People in America start court cases about absolutely anything they can come up with. The burger wasn’t warm enough, there’s not enough soda in my cup and in this case, for bevarages that are being served at a very high temperature. Yes, this case was built against...
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