Document Examiners

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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Document Examiners

Jada Presley

Everest University Online

Document Examiners
Discuss the seven steps utilized to prevent a suspect from conscious writing when obtaining handwriting exemplars for comparison. The first step is the write should be as comfortable as possible. They should be comfortable no matter where they are doing the work at. The second step is that you do not want the person to know what kind of document that you have and they should not be helped with the spelling of any words. The third one is that the examiner should be given a pen and paper that is just like the paper of the document. The fourth one is that you should always make sure that the document has correct words and also the same phrases with the documents that are handwritten they may not have the same writing each time that the handwriting will change each time. The fifth one is that they have to dictate the documents very well. In most documents you should be able to tell two documents apart. The sixth one is all about the signatures. Sometimes you have to look at several documents to make sure the signature has look alkies. The seventh step is that before anything is done the document needs to look at by document examiner. Define the class and individual characteristics of printers and photocopiers. First of all you have three different types. You have a multifunction photocopier. These have more than one common function. Usually they have three different functions and they are scanning, faxing and computer printing. Some of the newer copiers they have a fourth option and that usually is to be able to send email through the machine. Most of the time you see the multifunction machines in offices and small facilities. These types of machines take up less space than the older models but they can cost $60 to $ 3000 for one easy machine. The second type is the network copiers. These types of copiers are used are used in large offices or even could be used in large companies...
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