Paul Cézanne

Joanna Antonopoulos


Paul Cezanne uses impressionism in his artwork. Paul Cezanne was a French artist whose work went up during the 19th_century .He was born on January 19 1839 and died on October 22,1906.He died of pneumonia, which killed him. He died at the age of 68. Before he died he suffered from diabetes for many years. He grew up At Aix-en-Provence. Cezanne paintings from the 1860s are vey odd and different from the other artists. He mostly painted his dreams and death. His paintings represented death and depressing. Cezanne didn’t show his artwork publicly for about 20 years. He didn’t want anyone to see it. Another artist named Amboise Vollard showed many artworks by Cezanne to the public. The public people started to enjoy his artwork and became more and more interested into it. When Cezanne died in Aix on October 22, 1906. In 1907 his achievement was horned with a gallery filled with his work.

Another artist named Gustavo Caillebotte was also an impressionism artist. Gustave Caillebotte lived 1848 to 1894. He was born into a wealthy family who made their money working for textiles industry. Gustavo studied law at first but then he started to take interest in art. He never thought that he was a good artist; he never wanted to sell his work because he didn’t need the money because he was wealthy enough. As you know Gustavo supported his impressionist friends by buying their artwork for a lot of money. The museum dedicated his work of living artist’s .He didn’t want his work to be stored in the attic where none can see it. He painted boating scenes and oceans and figure studies.
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