Doctors Without Borders

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  • Published : September 30, 2010
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Doctors without Borders
Across the history, the human being has confronted a lot of difficulties, showing the brave and strength we have, but in some cases the way to survive is very complicated. According to this, it is also true that everyone needs help in different parts of their lives, that’s why the human organizations exist. One of those is “Doctors without Borders” or Most know as MSF that in French is Médecins Sans Frontières, this organization was created by doctors and journalist in France, who believed that all the people have the right to medical care regardless of race, religion, creed or political believes. This organization help people by providing health care and medical training to populations in more than 60 countries, they are present and ready to help when a new natural disaster happened or a new war appears. This organization was created after the civil war in Nigeria, when the French Red Cross sends volunteers to help people in the hospitals; these volunteers were required to sign an agreement, in which they need to maintain the organization's neutrality, whatever the circumstances. While the war was passing, the Nigerian Army attached the people and the volunteers witnessed those murders and violations to the human rights, these experiences marked these doctors’ thinks about the things, and they began to criticize the Nigeria Government and the Neutrality of the Red Cross. These doctors concluded that a new aid organization was needed that would ignore political and religious boundaries and take care of the victims Doctors without Borders based their work on humanitarian principle of medical ethics and impartiality; they help people who need medical care without looking the race, religion, country etc. This is a NEUTRAL organization and they don’t take sides in armed conflicts, they provides “care on the basis of need alone, and pushes for increased independent access to victims of conflict as required under international humanitarian...
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