Doctors Biased Against Fat People

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Overweight Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: March 19, 2013
An article “Doctors Also Biased Against Fat People,” by Neal Colgrass talks about how doctors are prejudiced against overweight patients. Colgrass wrote, “Turns out doctors are about as biased as the general public.” The general public is usually quick to make judgments against overweight people without thinking about their circumstance. I understand that weight is something one can control, however there are a lot of external influences that should be considered before making judgments. According to Colgrass, doctors who were also overweight were “more understand about overweight patients.” Doctors who are less sensitive jeopardized the patients’ emotional health and physical health.

Colgrass wrote that doctors need training in the dangers of weight bias. Among the comments I found, one mentioned that “You will never cure bias 100 percent.” I think this is a more realistic view on things. One may not be able to correct the way people think, but one thing we can correct is how people act in accordance to the ideas. In module 22, Myers wrote that “weight discrimination, in fact, exceeds race or gender discrimination.” We are in a society that obesity is becoming the norm, sooner or later skinny people will be the minority and they would be suffering from discrimination.

On the other side of the spectrum, one commenter believes that the bias by doctors is justified, for everyone else does it. Arguing, “If a morbidly obese person walks onto an airplane, no one wants them sitting next to them because they will literally ooze over into the other seats.” It goes into stereotyping that overweight people will in fact “ooze over into the other seats” and that they “have no respect for themselves.” Meanly put, if you would ask me, but according to the commenter, “they bring it upon themselves.” Gaining weight happens over time, and can be controlled to a degree. Another commenter argued that there are people who are overweight that does have “huge amounts of...
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