Doctors and Patients

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Doctors and Patients

By | December 2011
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Why Aren’t Doctors Listening

Many times in life we are torn between trusting an expert, or challenging their views. The parents of baby Dalton DiIorio were faced with this problem. As their son clung to life in the neonatal intensive care unit, they were faced with the decision of solely relying on the doctor’s advice on what treatment should be, or they could be proactive with the treatment of their son and try to find alternative ways of helping him recover. Doctors may prefer their patients have a submissive attitude, but being a proactive patient may be the determining factor in life or death. Patients aren’t solely relying on the advice from their doctors. They are researching their medical issues and arming themselves with information from the internet. However, many doctors are reluctant to listen to their patients because they believe the information obtained from the internet isn't credible. There should be an effective line of communication between doctors and patients. Doctor’s should be able to answer and explain any of your medical questions and concerns regardless of the origin of their research.

It’s always important for physicians to listen to their patients concerns.  
Baby Dalton was born premature and as a result was placed in the neonatal intensive unit. Trying to figure out whether Dalton suffered any brain injury after birth was a challenge. The ultrasound given by the hospital was inconclusive, and according to the nurses, there was no other way of determining his injuries. Feeling helpless in the aid of their son’s recovery, the DiIorios turned to the internet for guidance in finding alternative procedures that may help him. They stumbled upon a new technology called the DWI which was not commonly used, but promised to provide a more conclusive result than a regular ultrasound. The DiIorios introduced this information to the nurses and doctors at the hospital, but were not taken seriously. Their...

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