Doctor vs Nurses

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It is usually assumed that both the Doctor and the Registered Nurse are equally important in the medical industry. At some point in time they offered complimentary services to the patients. There were defined duties for the Doctor and those for the Registered Nurse. The rationale behind this was that system of learning gone through by a doctor and a Registered nurse were partially different. However, a doctor tends to give opinions and diagnosis while the nurse should take care of the patient by executing the duties proposed by the Doctor to the Patient. The duties of a Registered Nurse and a Doctor vary from country to country but there is a slight variation in case of any differences. The practice of this professionalism will be based on the system of the United States, (Russell, Swansburg & Richard 2006) Although a Registered Nurse is considered to be the less knowledgeable, the practitioner doesn’t have a limited area of specialization as the opposed to the doctor. He can work best in any field of medicine. This assumed duties created conflict of duties between the two medical practitioners. In the recent past there have been contradictions about the duties of a Registered Nurse and a Doctor. The General medical Council of the United Kingdom among other councils which regulate the practice of physicians came up with comparative duties of both Registered Nurses and Doctors. This was meant to serve as a blue print towards improvement of the services tendered to patients. Duties of Registered Nurses and Doctors

Just like doctors, registered nurses can be found in schools, private clinics and all health facility. Registered Nurses and doctors perform a wide variety of duties. Some of the duties discussed are as follows; both the Registered Nurse and Doctors are accorded the responsibility of supervising other junior nurses, ensuring that all interns who are working under them perform all the duties necessary during their study. The interns are also helped to perform all the practical tests, patient diagnosis and examination by the Doctor and the Registered Nurse. Considering the interest of patients first, both the doctor and the Registered nurse should ensure that the care of the patient is prioritized. This according to Kelly, Penz and Norma is meant to ensure that the physicians focus on the patient and ensure maximum care. Regular checkups by the two physicians should be done on patients to ensure that they have been attended to and that any emergence cases have been dealt with without any delay, (Kelly, Penz , Norma, Stewart, 2008) The dignity and privacy of the patient should be respected by both the Doctor and the Registered Nurse. From the fact that these physicians are allowed to perform any physical examination on any part of the patient’s body during their practice, all rights human right relating to dignity should be observed. Most Registered Nurses and Doctors have been accused of molesting their patients both sexually and emotionally due to their submissive nature in a health facility. The patient’s autonomy will only be guaranteed if at Both the Registered Nurse and the doctor read from the same page. This would entail working hand in hand in ensuring that the patient is given accorded any medical assistance from the two practioners They are both supposed to perform a physical examination and document health records of the patient. Before any medical tests and treatment are administered to the patient, the Doctor or the registered Nurse should give a health record that will enable sufficient tests to be carried out by other medical experts. The health records provided is vital for some predetermined purposes and for reference in future. Any Registered Nurse or Doctor can use the Health records to analyze the statistics about a patient’s health. Problems relating to human health should be channeled to the Doctor or the registered Nurse. They are liable for giving necessary advice; for instance...
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