Doctor Manette Essay

Topics: A Tale of Two Cities, Literary technique, Foreshadowing Pages: 3 (1182 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Doctor Manette Character Essay Eric Best
Throughout A Tale of Two Cities Dickens illuminates Doctor Manette's identity by effectively using a good variety of literary devices. For Doctor Manette's character, Dickens specifically uses foreshadowing, similes, and symbolism to portray an accurate and deep personality to the reader.

Dickens uses foreshadowing in an abundance during the first and second books of A Tale of Two Cities in a successful manner to reveal Manette's identity to the reader. "He had a white beard, raggedly cut, but not very long, a hollow face, and exceedingly bright eyes" (Dickens, 44). The important part of this quotation is the end, where a reference to the Doctor's bright eyes is made after a few statements that really define how aged he looks. The "bright eyes" of Doctor Manette foreshadow that he can see brightness, or something positive to come, such as being united with his daughter Lucie. In another way, this could be ironic because of the approaching French Revolution involving mass violence and death. Another instance of foreshadowing is when Darnay wants to confess all to Manette to show him his honesty and his worthiness to be wedded to his daughter, but the doctor refuses to listen because he is afraid of what he will hear. "For an instant, the Doctor even had his two hands at his ears; for another instant, even had his two hands laid on Darnay's lips. 'Tell me when I ask you, not now. If your suit should prosper, if Lucie should love you, you shall tell me on your marriage morning. Do you promise?'"(Dickens, 132). This quote indicates that Dr. Manette cares for the love that is shared between Lucie and Charles Darnay, however, Manette does not want to hear the potential grim truth of which Darnay wishes to inform him because of his fear of ruining their marriage by becoming upset over the new information. This foreshadows that what Darnay wants to reveal is most likely negative as well as...
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