Doctor Faustus & Macbeth Compare and Contrast Essay

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Giovanni Fernandez
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In both plays Macbeth and Doctor Faustus there are many different techniques used, but there are also many of the same types of dramatic styles. Macbeth is more of a villain tragedy that only has hints of comedy at intervals to take short breaks from the tragedy. On the other hand Doctor Faustus is a dramatic mixture of comedy and tragedy. Both of these plays however, contain the element of greed and show how it conquers people. Not many elements actually make theses plays similar but a lot of them make them extremely different.

In Macbeth, unlike Doctor Faustus, there are many dramatic events leading to even more dramatic ending. This play focuses more on man’s dark desires rather than their normal aspirations. Although both plays were created around the same time they both seem to be very different types of drama from the same Elizabethan time period. Macbeth, being a villain tragedy, balances aggressive behavior and Christian beliefs while Doctor Faustus focuses solely on the main character. In “Macbeth” we also see that he is not entirely the main character as many other characters are given great power over him. Many elements of this play differ in many ways from those in “Doctor Faustus.”

Doctor Faustus is a more detailed and focused play than Macbeth in many ways. This play’s main focus is how man is always trying to have more than he already has. Unlike the villain tragedy “Macbeth”, Doctor Faustus’s whole plot revolves around one character. The character of Faustus is very different from Macbeth because through Faustus’ search for more and more knowledge he does not intend to harm anyone to get there, but Macbeth is willing to put anyone’s life in danger to get the power that he wants. While the whole plot of “Doctor Faustus” revolves around Faustus, the plot of “Macbeth” slowly changes from revolving around Macbeth to Malcom and Macduff. Christopher Marlowe’s style of writing also differs from...
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