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Keystone Bel Air K-41 Magazine 8mm Vintage 1956 Movie Camera

Mishail, I have the answer to your question. The camera in question uses a Kodachrome II 8mm film. As it turns out, one can no longer process Kodachrome Film as of December 30, 2010. Kodak discontinued manufacturing the film as well as making the color chemicals needed to process the film. So, to get the film developed in colour is not possible at the time. ( * although there may be some hope in the future as there are people working on the "Kodachrome Project" in New Mexico to try and develop a machine capable of processing the film.) The film CAN be processed in black and white, and there are only a couple of places in North America that are able to process the film in Black and White. 1) Film Rescue - Regina, Saskatoon, Canada ---> Their website is very straight forward and have tabs on top with detail the pricing and order forms for old film processing. The Film is processed in regular six week cycles. Film for the next cycle must be in their hands before the beginning of the cycle. The next cycle starts on the following date: July 14th, 2012. The quality of the results will not be perfect and there will be signs of deterioration.

2) Rocky Mountain Film Laboratory Aurora, Colorado, USA
*I had a lengthy talk with the owner at Rocky Mountain Film Lab about Kodachrome film and everything to do with it. He was a very knowledgeable person and It was quite an informative chat.* So the processing at Rocky Mountain can take a minimum of 1 to 2 years because they need to have a few hundred films begin the processing. The cost of processing at RMF lab is US $ 42.50 + $8 for shipping.
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