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Technical Brief
Home Computer Backup and Restore

Microsoft® Corporation
Published: August 2008
Version: 1.1

This technical brief provides an in-depth look at the features and functionality of Windows® Home Server Home Computer Backup and Restore. This brief has been updated to include additional information from Power Pack 1. To learn more about other aspects of Windows Home Server, please visit the Microsoft Web site (

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Home Computer Backup Overview4
Features and Functionality4
Backup and Restore In Depth6
Windows Home Server Console6
How Backup Is Implemented9
How Backups Are Stored12
Restoring Individual Files and Folders14
Restoring a Home Computer16
Backup Settings and Backup Cleanup19
Additional Tips22
Backup service is not running22
Saving a Copy of the Backup Database23
Deleting the Backup Database24
Restoring a Backup Database25
More Information26

Home Computer Backup Overview
Windows® Home Server will automatically backup your home computers to the home server and allow you to easily restore the entire computer or an individual file or folder to a previous point in time. The Windows Home Server Backup solution backs up only the data that has not already been backed up. Even if you have several copies of the same data on different computers, the data is backed up only once on your home server and your home server keeps track of what data was stored on each home computer on each day. This makes it efficient in the time it takes for backups to complete and the amount of space that is used on your home server. Features and Functionality

The core features of Windows Home Server Home Computer Backup and Restore are: *
* Performs Automated Daily Backup of your Home Computers * Computer backups are automatically configured when you install the Windows Home Server Connector software on your home computers. Backup is performed on a...
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