Topics: High school, Middle school, Adolescence Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Jack Jeffery
English 112
Formal paper 3

Social marginalization is a result of the failure of society to provide certain individuals and groups with those rights and benefits normally available to all its members. Marginalization can happen at any school, but is mostly seen in middle school. The middle schools years are difficult for almost anyone. The body goes through many changes as a child enters the teen years. These changes are new and can be a little scary for both males and females. Anything from picking someone last or choosing not sit next to someone at lunch can be considered social marginalization. No matter what form it takes, social marginalization is a problem that we should always try to understand and resolve Early adolescence is a difficult time for most kids. Nearly every girl and boy has at some point been left out or marginalized. When I was twelve and in the seventh grade, I saw plenty of incidents involving marginalization of other kids. There is one incident I remember very clearly it involved my sister's group of friends. At the beginning of the school year, my sister and some of her friends cruelly marginalized one of their friends. They were all best friends through grade school, but somehow things had changed when we started middle school. Starting middle school is hard enough with its new setting, more independence, and more kids to get to know. Being a guy, I don’t really know, but I think being a girl in middle school is much harder. In my opinion, girls tend to be more cliquish and devious. As all my sister's friends sat in homeroom, I saw that Taylor, the known heartbreaker of all boys, was sitting alone. It didn’t make sense to me since she was always with my sister and her friends. In fact, she was almost like the queen bee. I soon found out the reason Taylor was alone. She had a crush on the brother of one of the other girls (and no the brother was not me, sadly). I didn’t understand why they would be mad at...
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