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The Dockers® Brand has defined authentic khaki for 25 years. Since its introduction in 1986, the Dockers® brand has been perfecting khakis — and the essential goods to go with them — for men and women all over the world. No compromises in quality. Just versatile, essential style. We have taken an enduring, admired brand and made it stronger. Dockers® has embarked on a journey to reinvigorate the khaki category, with a new and improved Signature Khaki line and Soft Khakis collection in stores across the United States, as well as a global marketing campaign, “Wear the Pants.” More styles. New fits. Bold colors. And a debate about the modern definition of masculinity that is helping to reignite the khaki category. We have taken the category we owned and reinvented it for today. Kha is back.

meanings. There is a strong nautical theme suggesting that perhaps theinitial positioning with the pants was in terms of companions to top-siders or similar products. Nevertheless, the real equity is not being builtthere but in the supporting marketing program. Here, students shouldrecognize how well-designed and implemented the marketing programwas. At the heart of it all was the right product, and students mustappreciate how important the right product is to creating brand equity.Some fruitful discussion can address the “push” and “pull” aspects of the program. The Dockers in-store shops were truly innovative andtrend-setting and should be reviewed. The “pull” side is more complexand it is worthwhile for students to analyze its likely contribution tobuilding brand equity. Some thoughts along these lines are as follows. The potential contribution of the introductory ads were to both:-Build awareness-Create image-User imagery (e.g., age)-Usage imagery (e.g., versatility)-Product benefits-Comfort-StyleAny ad can potentially work at both levels (awareness and image), but itis rare that both can be strongly emphasized. It is hard for any one ad tobe able to do so much –...
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