Docent Script of the History of the Declaration of Independence

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, American Revolutionary War, American Revolution Pages: 3 (1080 words) Published: December 3, 2010
Hello everyone. Welcome to the National Archives Building. My name is Marilyn and I will be taking you through the first portion of the tour which displays the Declaration of Independence the most treasured document of the United States Of America. Raise your hand if you have been to the museum before? (Wait for responses)Ok, great-welcome back to you and welcome to all of our first time visitors. We are very happy to have you. Follow me please. Now does anyone know the date the Declaration of Independence was adopted? Hint it is the same day as a famous holiday that we celebrate here in the U.S (call on a few raised hands) That is correct; the document was officially adopted on July, 4, 1776.An intriguing fact is that the United States began as just 13 British colonies on the eastern seaboard of North America. The 13 Colonies lived for many years under British rule, but eventually the colonists began to resent this relationship with the mother country. Disagreements with the mother country over taxes, trade, and oppressive laws would lead to a call for independence. The Colonies developed their own unique identities after so many years on their own.  Finally, in 1774, 12 of the 13 colonies were represented in the First Continental Congress to ask for more power from the King. Does anyone know what King GeorgeIII thought about the the First Continental Congress? (Wait for responses)That is correct; he thought they were traitors. Follow me. Can anyone tell me when and where the first battles occurred between England and the colonies? (Wait for responses)That is correct; in 1775 the first battles occurred at Lexington and Concord. British troops were sent to Concord to capture John Hancock and Samuel Adams, but both men had been warned about the British attack. The night of April 18th, Paul Revere rode through Concord warning everybody about the British attack. So when the British came in to take and attack the rebels, the Minutemen, americans who were “ready to...
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