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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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The question of the chapter tackles the question of why the Old Deal failed. Edsforth breaks his answer up into three different sections, but the main thesis is that Hoover's administrative policy and movements towards recovery were the reason for failure. The author asserts that this is largely because, "Hoover recovery program failed because it rewarded conservative financial business making". There was an increase in lending to banks in the hopes that this would generate investment which would in turn lead to employment and spending. However, "fear of failure-not risk taking for profit-dominated individual and institutional decisions". The second issue that Edsforth describes is how Hoover failed to create jobs or relief for those that were suffering. The theme of the chapter is the inadequacy and mismanagement of Hoover's administration The primary sources that were cited for this chapter are indeed a good mix that offer different perspectives of the Old Deal. Aside from sources directly from Roosevelt and Hoover themselves are supporters and workers of FDR (Farley), and defenders/apologists for Hoover (Starr). The secondary sources are a combination of works that look at the changing of political structure in the Democratic Party and books that delve into the structures of the New Deal. Also used in this chapter are sources that look into protest and the Bonus Army. Romasco's book seems to offer an explanation of the public's perception of government intervention for societies needs. Other interpretations of this argument are that Hoover's administration was in fact not the problem, and that fear of Roosevelt's New Deal were the reason for failure. Those that support Hoover also believe that an organic recovery would have occurred had he been elected. Other points of view are that the nature of the political parties was changing, and that the demographic was shifting thus leading to new methods of administration. Questions: How did Hoover's policies...
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