Doc, Case Analysis of Toyota Automotive Company

Topics: Logic, Problem solving, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (361 words) Published: March 23, 2011
Analysis of a case

1.When approaching a case study for the first time, the student is advised to quickly and lightly read through the opening paragraphs, and then to review the headings or subtitles, the types of information contained, the tables and appendices. This will give a perspective or framework into which can fit an analysis. 2.Read the case slowly and thoroughly, taking note of pertinent facts and ideas. 3.With the additional data, make more assumptions on the situation and then form a logical and orderly relationship among the facts, identify the basic problems and visualize the various alternative solutions. Each alternative course of action must be carefully examined so that he can choose the best options. The all-important step is to evolve a plan of action (ACA) and to show how the decision can be best implemented. Such a plan of action may involve a change in company policy, company goals or company strategy. A decision without a feasible plan of action is useless. (FOLLOW THE GIVEN FORMAT BELOW.) 4.The student is cautioned that there is usually no “final” or “best” solution. Do not expect the instructor to identify the “correct” analysis. The point of a case study is not to determine the correct solution. Rather, it is to permit the student to exercise his power of analysis and logic, as well as his decision-making ability.

FORMAT for case analysis

I.POINT OF VIEW – Someone who has the capacity to solve the problem II.TIME CONTEXT – Specific date, and feasible
III.STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM – State the main problem

Strengths / Weaknesses – internal environment
Opportunities / Threats – external environment

VI.ASSUMPTIONS – academic guess to solve the problem
VII.ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION – strategies to solve the problem, and advantages and disadvantages for each ACA VIII.ANALYSIS OF COURSE OF ACTION – state the chosen ACA
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