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Do I Really Exist

By | October 2012
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Do I really exist?
This is a really good topic to debate upon. Some people believe in the fact that we really do exist and some are against the same belief. It could even be that we are dreaming of our existence. Maybe not. This topic has been argued since ages and they still go on. Baggini, a philosophical writer looks at some scientific evidence to prove Descartes’ “I think, therefore I am”. He found out that people suffering from Cotard’s syndrome, think they don’t exist. Some people with temporal lobe epilepsy see the world as real, but not themselves. He also spoke of people, not with dissociative identity disorder but also those who have had the hemispheres of their brain separated. He proved that they can end up with two centres of consciousness. This shows that one’s experience of the world does not have to be linked to a sense of a self at the centre of it. But according to Baggini that is not to say that the self does not exist. He tries to illustrate this with a Buddhist analogy that compares man with a cart. "There is no cart, only the wheel, the axle, the flat bed and so on. In the same way, there is no self, only experiences, thoughts, and sensations. But, of course, there is a cart—it's just that it is nothing other than the ordered collection of parts. In the same way, there is a self—it is simply no more than the ordered collection of all our experiences." Hinduism believes in the fact that we exist and the world exists not as what we see it. It talks a lot of perspective, it believes in the fact that if something looks beautiful to a person it may not be the same for everyone.

Do we really exist?
Think about this:

-An atom has no intelligence, becasue it is just a collection of tiny tiny particles held together by magnetism.

-An atom does not need any food, drink, nutrition to keep living.

-An atom cannot die because matter cannot be created nor destroyed, and an atom is not "alive".

everyone can accept this.


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