Do You Want to Become Popular at University

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Do you want to become popular at university? If so, please don’t hesitate to participate in some activities outside the class. One of those you should try is joining a school play. It is not as difficult as it seems. To prepare, you need to make a plan, rehearse and also design carefully for a real performance. Before starting to do anything, making a plan is necessary. All of you should have a discussion about the play. Depending on a specific occasion, you can choose a suitable genre, for example: comedy, tragedy or history. Next, think about a literary work and the best part that you want to perform. Now there are thousands of great works which keep people on the edges of their seats, so you can have several choices. Besides, don’t forget to choose when and where for practicing. The next step is assigning each person a particular task. You need a scriptwriter to convert a story into a screenplay, an editor to edit your script and also a director to manage the staff. Actors, of course, are integral ingredients for the successful of the play. Therefore, it requires a careful selection. They not only are good at acting but also have the voice and appearance suitable to their characters. Moreover, the play also needs the helps from designers and technological support roles such as lighting, sound control to give special effects for the performance. The next important thing that you need doing when you want to prepare a play is rehearsal before a play is taken place. But at the moment that is before rehearsal time on stage, you should ask your actors to read the script and memorize dialogues at home to have a good preparation for a rehearsal session. In case of need, they should be asked for trying acting or practicing in front of a mirror. After that, actors have to try to love and understand their role in the play. The play will be very fantastic and incredible if an actor can put feeling and mind in his/her roles or he/she can try to feel what emotion...
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