Do You Think Heath Brought Significant Changes to Britain?

Topics: Edward Heath, Conservative Party, Harold Wilson Pages: 1 (418 words) Published: February 22, 2012
Do you think Heath brought significant changes to Britain?
Edward Heath rapidly raised to power, he was appointed a junior whip in 1951 then promoted to Chief Whip in 1955. He was appointed Minister of Labour in 1959. in 1960 Lord Privy Seal, in 1963 President of the Board of Trade. In 1964 the Conservative party lost the general election and its current leader, Alec Douglas-Home, stepped down not long after but not after changing the leadership election rules, which made it easier for the rank and file to win the leadership. Edward Heath was elected leader of the Conservative Party in 1965, being the first “commoner” to take power of the Conservatives. Edward Heath later won the 1970 General Election for the Conservative Party on the 'Selsdon Platform' he called for more forward pro-growth economic policies. His main accomplishment was to admit Britain into the European Community, which occurred in 1973. That was about his only major accomplishment as Prime Minister. The rest of Heath's time in office was not so successful. His Chancellor of the Exchequer, Iain McLeod, died within a month of winning the election, Tony Barber who was McLeod’s replacement was said to not be as capable for the job compared to McLeod. His Minister for Education, Margaret Thatcher proved herself to be capable, but attracted controversy when she abolished free milk in the schools, earning her the name 'Margaret Thatcher, the Milk Snatcher.' Northern Ireland was causing continuing problems, British soldiers fired on unarmed civilians in the Londonderry Massacre in 1972. The violence and disorder in Northern Ireland got so bad that Heath resulted to suspend the local government. Heath's failed in controlling the power of trade unions. The Industrial Relations Act did not deliver on its promises to stop trade union abuses of power. The government caved once before to a miner's strike in 1972, after especially violent clashes between striking miners and police at Saltley Coke Depot....
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