Do You Think Cultivating an Equal Opportunity Society Has Helped Countries Such as South Africa and America to Move Forward?

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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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Section A

1. Yes, affirmative action is morally defensible in a sense that; South Africa has been characterized by many years of workplace inequalities and imbalances of the past, particularly blacks who were treated in an inhuman manner. The new democratic government introduced and legislate the affirmative action to eliminate all forms of discrimination. Since blacks were given certain jobs and skills were reserved for white minority in some sectors of the economy, thereby robbing our economy of its potential and productivity. The introduction of the affirmative action policy uncovered skills and talent. The old government created division between black and white communities. The introduction of affirmative action policy assisted in closing that gap and improves the conditions at the workplace. Therefore the policy allowed companies and government to utilize all people to the maximum potential and created improved communication between organized labor and management.

2. The country which successfully implemented the policy of affirmative action is South Africa. The new government realized that introduction of this policy can be very useful tool to help create diversity in the workplace. The policy succeed because companies and government saw the need to select and hire people not on the basis of race but on the actual qualifications that make a person suitable for the position in the company. Since the introduction of this policy many black people are hired on the positions that were only occupied by white people before. The government also introduces the gender equality which is one of the tools which makes affirmative action policy to be successful. Since the introduction of this policy the department of labor has made sure that there is no discrimination on selecting and hiring people.

3. The South African government choose to implement this policy and act because, they were only various group of people who were discriminated against and it resultant in lack of access to resources, education etc. Before the implementation of this policy, it was the black people (Africans, coloreds and Indians) who were most deprived in terms of access to resources and the wealth was entrenched in the hands of whites. People were only employed to the higher positions according to their colors and not to their qualifications. They were jobs that were only given according to the gender of a person not to their qualifications. People were also discriminated if they were found to have some life time diseases like (HIV-AIDS). And those are some of the reasons why the new government has implemented the affirmative action policy and act. So considering all of this point’s affirmative action is justifiable.

4. Yes, in my opinion there is a need to discontinue the policy in a certain length of time. This policy has helped a lot of previously disadvantaged and oppressed people. In an old government people were employed according to their race and gender but this day’s people are only employed according to their qualifications and skills. The apartheid policies do not exist anymore, because man and woman are now employed to do the same jobs. Now days we have woman who hold the executive positions and others are the owners of the companies which were rare to find in the apartheid government. People with different race can now share the same facilities without any discrimination. Students can now attend any school of their choice regardless of their color of the skin. So in a few years to come the will be no need to continue with affirmative action policy.

5. People from different racial groups are unemployable in certain sectors of the economy because those people they were not exposed in lots of things among the sectors. Many people from different racial groups lack the right skills and qualifications in order for them to be employed in other sectors. In the old government...
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