Do You Think Certain Job Is Only for People with Certain Characters?

Topics: Law, Legally Blonde, Harvard University Pages: 2 (796 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Q1.Do you think certain job is only for people with certain characters? Do you think certain job is only for people with certain characters? Elle is a good example to proof certain job is not only for people with certain characters. Elle was studying fashion merchandising (in Southern California college) before she determinate to study Harvard law school. After hearing that sudden news, Elle’s parents and friends are not so encouraging her and did not have faith to Elle that she can achieve. I have to say that Elle was not get smoothly into the Harvard law school, but she had put a lot of effort. The most important thing is she had a motivation which to win Warner back by passes the law-school entrance exam, applies to Harvard. You may tell me that Elle had once wanted to give up. Yes, she is. However, she is faithful and has a strong sense to herself finally. And the key ingredient of success is the passion, the passion to be a lawyer and her life. Eventually, Elle won the trial of Brooke and graduate in Harvard law school. It is a strong example to show us certain job is not only for people with certain characters but with passion, faith and be tough. Let’s come back to the reality, I am sure that you have done a lot of task in obtaining your characters in order to study certain subject and find which kinds of job is the most suitable for you. However, how many people will truly do the job they find in the task before? I am sure seldom of them did. In my side, the character specific for certain job is just the extra to us. Let’s think, if you can judge and have accuracy thinking. You may better than someone at first like Vivian Kensington in the film. Nevertheless, you are unwilling to remember the , then it is difficult to be a lawyer. Passion is the most powerful motivation. If we no passion to our job, we cannot bring out our very best to the working place. And every task will seem like difficult. The reason is we do not want to put on any...
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