Do You Prefe Work in Company or Independent

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Neda sahebi
I am equally comfortable working as a member of a company an independently. both of them may be desirable or may be not. It depends on many factors. They are completely different with each other. In unity there is strength. A group of people with the same goals can accomplish more than individuals can. Moreover With taking a position in a company you can kill two birds with one stone. You learn the rope from other people and learn some values and skills so you gain experience as well as earning money. Again working in a company creates stability and reliability which of course is important for every one. After wads if you try hard and make hay from the sun shines to show your capacity in such a competitive atmosphere your trying would begin to bear fruitful. Bonnie Brown was a former in house masseuse for Google. Who liked every one else employed by the company. She provided stress relief for 40 person staff. Now she has come up in the world and she passes her retired days though one swallow doesn’t a summer make. On the other hand beside the oft cited benefits of owning your own business such as flexibility, having More time to spend with your children loved ones friends and family, cutting the commute, being your own boss , setting your own schedule, it really could happen to accomplish some thing that is beyond wildest dreams If you start up your own business with the right planning, effort and little bit of luck may be you'd become a successful entrepreneur. Although the first step is hardest all the big companies started their work from here you are now. Accordingly both of them have many merits. I believe that it depends on your goals, ability, mentality, personality and opportunity as Napoleon Bonaparte said ability is nothing without opportunity.
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