Do You Long for Past or Look Foward to Future

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Do you long for the past or look forward to the future?

In order to answer this question one has to review the advantages and disadvantages of some major factors of the past and future .And therefore after a comparison between the past and future one may answer the question.

One major factor to consider whilst comparing the future and past is the youth’s behavior and life style .In the past the youth were more obedient and performed better in school. A major reason could be students were more focused (students were not distracted by cell phone and gaming devices ) as like students in the future where cell phones and gaming devices would be more advanced and attractive .Part of the reason could be of corporals punishment . Corporal punishment is physically beating a child in order to discipline the child. (I think corporal punishment is not acceptable because students suffer great pain. Although Corporal punishment is proven to increase student concentration and to refine their behavior to some extent, I believe no one has the right to hit a child and teachers should try different approaches such as speaking to students.) When comparing the lifestyle of youths from past and future there is a major difference. The children of the past learnt how to use their hands practically and played out door activities. Children of the future would play inside activities because gaming consols would be so advance and children wouldn’t have to do much practically with their hands.

Technology is another factor to consider when comparing the past and future. In the past technology was not so advanced, the advantage of this is that: there was less pollution, wars didn’t have such devastating impacts and people were more fit therefore lived longer healthier lives. The disadvantage of this are: in the medical field, paralysis people were really disadvantaged and there was not much treatment, to communicate with someone there was no cell phones for instant communication...
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