Do You Know a Child that Does Not Want to Ride a Bike?

Topics: English-language films, Bicycle, Debut albums Pages: 2 (825 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Katarzyna Kulesza
ELI 109
February 11 2013

Do you know a child that does not want to ride a bike? Well I do not know anyone. This means I was a healthy young girl like others who were willing to learn how to ride the bicycle. I remember that process so I think I was around five years old. Therefore, to learn riding a bike on my own without the training wheels was an exciting experience. At that moment I did not think about bicycle accidents at all and consequences. Finally, when you learn how to ride the bike it lasts forever and that why is so important to do it at childhood age. I was very excited when my parents bought me a bike. This meant that it was about time for me to learn riding a bike on my own. I could not wait until my dad put all the bike pieces together. I remember how I sat on the bike and got so scared “how am I going to learn to ride my bike?”. My dad made me calm down when he told me that he is going to hold the bike and I will be fine. Although, I still was scared but I trusted my dad and started pressing the pedals. Everything was going well so I was getting more excited and fascinated. However, I forgot about my dad holding the bike all the time. After while my dad let go the bike and I fell of course I cry and got enough for one day. Finally, I realize that it is going to be difficult and challenging to lear rinding the bike. However, I still thought that riding a bike is so much fun but it will take a lot of practice. The next day in the morning I was ready to do it again of course with help of my dad. For this reason, I suffered my dad from the morning. Finally, he agreed to help me. This time I was riding the bike much more stable and faster so my dad was running and got tired quickly since he did not want me to fall again. Therefore, our lesson did not last long but I felt confident after and for the next day I was ready to try it all by myself. Hence, the next day my precious learning was going smoothly. Finally, by looking...
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