Do You Know Leaves?

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Do you know Leaves?
Leaves is always be regard as the symbol of selflessness, they giving people a cool shade, decorating our environment and clearing air. However, do you know category of leaves? Leaves can be classified simple leaf and compound leaf from Biol. View. Simple leaf is only one leaf in one petiole, more than one leaf is regard as compound leaf. For example, willow, elm, cotton plant, they are all simple leaf. Clove is typical compound leaf.Compound leaf also can be classified three types, pinnate compound leaf, palmate compound leaf, terate compound leaf, according to common petiole and number of leaflet. Pinnate compound leaf has many leaflets growth on both side of rachis, just like a feather. There is only one leaflet on the leaf axis top is called odd-pinnate compound leaf, like sophora, two leaflets is called even-pinnate compound leaf. Palmate compound leaf has no petiole, leaflet like a palm outward expansion. Like maple. Terate Compound leaf has three leaflets on the top of common petiole. Like soybean, clove. Compound leaf is evolution for plant to adapt to environment. It can decrease the pressure or resistance of wind and water, so we can believe plant is very clever, and know how to protect their own. Maybe the category stadium above is too scientific to accept, we can also categorize leaf with our standard. Leaves are colorful even in the same season so which can be classified according to different color, like green, blue, black, yellow etc. Meantime, maybe they are more sensible to size if leaves, so which be classified small-size, media-size and bid-size. The biggest leaf is one of lotus flower, which like a cycle and its conjugate can reach 2 meters. We can have a basic recognize of category of leaves, the more you research about leaves, the more you like them.

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