Do You Believe That Sports Stars and Entertainers Make Too Much Money?

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Do you believe that sports stars and entertainers make too much money?

Today, many sports stars and entertainers make million of dollars every year. The advertising and commercialization of sport brings enormous profits not only to the athlete and entertainers, but also to many other organization involved in the sport business. In my opinion, the salaries and bonuses received by athletes are exaggerated. Sport is overemphasized in the U.S and our young generation should have a chance to choose between other professions which are equally paid. Americans love sports. Especially basketball, baseball and football. Eventually, people spend a lot of money for sport entertaiments. Today, a Super Bowl ticket price is about 1,200 dollars. A ticket to the first Super Bowl in 1967 was only 12 dollars. Also, U.S population spends a lot on sport marchanise, which generate greater revenue for the athelets who promote some new products or lunch a new marchandise line. NFL, NBA, NHL became a near monopoly. American professional sports leagues have a $25-35 billion dollar revenue each year and it is just completely outlandish.The sport is not any more a pure competion or a healthy and enjoyable pass time, but a very effective business . Athletes an entertainers salaries are exuberant. The NBA player LeBron James gets paid 25 million a year for playing a game. I completely agree that to become an athelet takes a lot of efforts and streignt. But to become a teacher, phisician or scientist it's take as much efforts as well. If teachers were compensated half of the professional league minimum, I’m pretty sure we would attract many more qualified individuals to educate our children. What about firefighters, police officers and fishermen, they exercise the hardest of the jobs and endanger their lives, yet they are not paid even the third of the atheletes salaries. The most warning problem related to the phenomenal athletes' salaries are our young generation....
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