Do You Agree with the View That the Land League Was Successful in Achieving Its Aims?

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Do you agree with the view that the Land League was successful in achieving its aims? The instance the Land League was established in 1879 by Michael Davitt, its determination and theories about what should happen in Ireland, had huge influence in British-Irish politics. Their aims, to begin with, were somewhat simple, redistribution of the land so that the Irish would once again be owners of ‘their own’ land along with their aim of what became known as the 3 F’s, free-sale, fixed tenancies and fair rents. It was one of the most important mass movements in Irish history and there were many successes in this period, Gladstone introduced the Second Land Act and many put this down to the sheer perseverance of the Land League, it is said that the Land League changed many lives in Ireland. However, it is difficult to argue that the league achieved all its aims due to many factors, one being the fact that their aims in fact changed, therefore it’s hard to measure their success; accordingly the statement will be explored. Successes of the league include the Kilmainham Treaty. This was a direct result of the actions of the Land League; Parnell was put in jail following his unwillingness to liaise with Gladstone after the Second Land Act. However after 6 months in jail, violence increased and the land question was not being successfully dealt with, so both Parnell and Gladstone were keen to break the stalemate. The Kilmainham Treaty was an agreement between the two, which meant Gladstone would look favourably upon the problems in Ireland. This was a huge success for the Land League, and was solely as a result of Gladstone’s admiration and respect for Parnell’s intelligence and cause, hence implying the land league was successful. Another way the land league were able to achieve this aim, was the introduction of the Land Purchase Scheme. Gladstone felt pressures from the Land League, and didn’t underestimate their capabilities in achieving what they wanted. It is for this...
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