Do You Agree with Disney’s Decision to Pursue a Localization Approach in Emerging Markets?

Topics: Lantau Island, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Chinese language Pages: 2 (775 words) Published: June 5, 2012
In my opinion, I strongly agree with Disney’s decision to pursue a localization approach in emerging market. As it can be seen that Disneyland in Hong Kong failed because they lack of localization. For example, Disneyland Hong Kong assumed customers would follow the standard pattern of spending on average 20 minutes at meals. However the Hong Kong customers spend an average of 40 minutes, causing undesirable backups since Hong Kong Disneyland did not provide enough restaurants to serve customer need. Also, the dominant dialect in Hong Kong is Cantonese, while mainland Chinese widely speak Mandarin together with visitors from other parts of the world are expected to use English. Therefore, employees in Hong Kong Disneyland are expected to be fluent in all three languages in which that is the thing that Disneyland Hong Kong lack of. Accordingly, this example provides how Disneyland fails in Hong Kong in term of localization. As a result, when Disney want to enter into emerging market together with their plan to establish Disneyland in Shanghai, it is important for Disney to consider and emphasize on localization while still left some part to be US based in order to let customer have American experience. Accordingly, it can be seen that language is an important factor that Disney need to localize into local language. As a result, when Disney enter into Indian market, they try to create a partnership with local film production in India, as the country that has its own unique of culture, variety of language and strong dominated by build-in film traditional like Bollywood. Disney receive a great opportunities after access into local audience and ,moreover, they have the own Hindi-language show named, “Dhoom Machaao Dhoom,” which show over 100 episodes, the story is basically about one Indian girl who back from United States. Another one of the story with much successful in Indian market is “Roadside Romeo”, the first music comedy animated that developed special for...
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