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Do You Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement ? It Is More Important for Students to Study History and Literature Than It Is for Them to Study Science and Mathematics . Use Specific Reasons and Examples to Support Your Opinion.

By | November 2008
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At an early stage of human civilization , science was not developed in random way . However , nowadays science becomes more useful and cultural aspect for mankind because people living in modern times have benefited from many discoveries and inventions that have enriched the world . Therefore , it is more important for students to study science and mathematics . The reason goes as follows :

Firstly , studying science contributes efficiently to the comfort of human life . Electricity is a typical example . Suppose this magic power were lost , what would this earth become? Electricity is not only used for lighting but also for the actuation of all sorts of machines . We need electricity as we breathe air. Also , humankind has opportunities to watch television , play computer games , surf an Internet . Moreover , studying science helps to reduce the amount of manual labor . Machines of various kinds take place of human hands . One tractor , for example , can till the ground as fast as thousands of ploughmen . Nowadays , we need only some tens of workers in a factory which formerly required thousands of hands . Mechanization has made work easier than ever . Furthermore , studying science has contributed to the improvement of human health . All kinds of treatments have been invented for the recovery of the most desperate diseases . Therefore, it is through the application of science to the improvement of health that death goes down. Finally , people can able to calculate any problem by applying mathematics . To study other science subjects like physics , chemistry…, the knowledge of mathematics is very essential as it is very useful to solve any problem related to above subjects . It also teaches us to think logically and improves our ability to think non-typically. Thus , I think human beings are completely related and depended on science.

In conclusion , it is clear that to study science is more important than to study art and literature. To study science...

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