Do Women Lust?

Topics: Gender, Female, Woman Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Do Women Lust?
I think that all women lust because every female has a hormone that comes out when they see a hot guy. They begin to start thinking about the guy and what he looks like with his clothes off. Some women even go as far as telling their friend that’s around them what they would do to the dude. Most people don’t really realize or notice when a lady lust after something. Most females don’t show there expressions on their face but on the inside her mind is running wild about the person whether it’s a male or another female. Most women won’t typically show that their lusting like men try to do. Sometimes the ladies eyes can tell you if they might be lusting or see a man that has caught their eye and they will probably watch them until they leave their sight. Women thoughts are just like men because they have their thoughts and ideas of how they can please the guy. Women know exactly how to turn on a man. They know how to turn them on by manipulating this hardwired “quirk” that absolves them of the need to actually know anything about a woman. This means that the women start acting sexy but acting distant at the same time. They do things that they know will make the man want to see what they really can do once they are able to take the woman’s clothes. The women know what they be doing when the start teasing the guy by slowly taking off her clothes and a sexy dance with it. The women know most of the times that they don’t really want to have sex with the man so she will play with his emotions until she gets tired of doing that or until she take it too far and wants to have sex for real with him.
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