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Topics: Poetry, Rhyme, Alliteration Pages: 2 (354 words) Published: July 3, 2012
The Witch of Colchis
As she was ferried ’cross the River Styx,
what thoughts too harrowing to contemplate
came coursing madly through her consciousness?
Her children whom she killed with her own hands
as vengeance for their father’s faithlessness,
ensuring they would not be reared as slaves?
The hapless rival she engulfed in flames—
a marriage of political convenience
kindling blind rapacious jealousy?
Her husband’s cousins she enticed to cast
a heinous spell of mutilation, thinking
they’d, thereby, restore a father’s youth?
Mind and body weakened by her wiles,
the heirless aged king she almost swayed
to poison the son he did not know?
Her home where first she turned to sorcery,
where first she earned the epithet of traitor,
where first she learned to murder kith and kin?
Did years of wandering—shunned, condemned by all
—instill the portion of remorse required
to save her, otherwise, perverted soul?
In your journal, compose a short note/summary of the poem which provides the following information whenever appropriate: Purpose: Subject / Message / Tone / Mood / Theme / Speaker
The subject of the poem is the witch of Colchis. The author’s intent in writing the poem, was to talk about her killings and the justice behind them. I believe the author doesn’t particularly like the witch’s actions and hopes for the reader to disagree with her killings. the reader? The poem doesn’t give away any details about the actual author and doesn’t describe the witch physically. The lesson to be learned, is not to kill anyone or you will end up a perverted soul. The only theme present is what happens after death, as in the witch being a traitor and perverted soul, etc. Also, briefly comment upon the following information with regard to the poem: Type of Poem: Into which of the following categories does the poem fall: narrative, dramatic, or lyric? Narrative:  A narrative poem presents a story told by a third- or first-person narrator. The Structures of...
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