Do We Need a World Environment Organization?

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  • Published : May 1, 2012
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| 2010|
| American University in Kosova
International Relations, Prof. Bill WechslerAlbert Asllani

Do we need a world environment organization? If yes why? If not why not? | The environmental problems we are experiencing at this time are further developing and becoming more globalized. The importance of having a global environmental organization is proving to be crucial in managing environmental issues. We do need a world environmental organization, and there are lots of reasons that prove this to be the right choice. |

Albert Asllani
International Relations, sect. # 10
Prof. Bill Wechsler
Essay Assignment
October 28, 2010

Do We Need a World Environmental Organization?

The environmental issues and especially the global environmental problems, in the last years are being aroused at an increasing rate. Considering the facts that the earth’s environment is heavily interdependent, no matter where the problems may emerge sooner or later these problems will become global problems. The earth’s atmosphere, hydrosphere and in general the biosphere itself are related with one another; so the balance of the environment will be broken if the standards are not kept, globally speaking. Natural resources from the land, ocean and air are continuously regionally and/or globally shared. Hence, if there would be negative effects they would be shared regionally and/or globally. Our planet has a balance of life and a balance of how things go on, but with the development of humans this balance is being lost, at least until nowadays. Furthermore, we the humans are the primary destroyers of the earth’s environment. We do need to use the natural resource on our planet, because of our needs. But, nevertheless this does not justify the damage we are causing to our own home the planet earth. Our potential of doing huge things has proved to be mean and evil as well. Millions of square meters of forests are destroyed, burned, massive CO2 amounts and of other harmful gasses are released every day from our equipments and facilities. All these are globally affecting the environment we are living in. As for worse, the development of the technology is not being used just for progressive and right causes; it is being used as well as for the creation of massive destruction weapon systems. Well, these are among the causes that damage the environment at a lower rate, but compared to nuclear weapon systems these are really not that bad. Even though, the negative effects that the emission of gases and of other factors are not to be not- taken into consideration, the negative effects of a nuclear weapon launch in the earth’s environment, are million times more negative and harmful for the earth’s environment. As an example, there were no cars and CO2 gas emissions years and years ago, but with the human population increasing and the need for transportation means the possibility of gas emission has been increased as well. So, some hundred years ago, the earth did not have all these equipments and vehicles that use as fuel liquid materials such as fossil oils are. Meantime, it did not have all this harmful gasses quantities released every day. Other examples are the cases of Hiroshima and Chernobyl, where nuclear materials have been exposed. The people of these places and the whole world are witnesses of the damages caused by the nuclear blasts; people still witness the nightmare in the environment. Besides the short- run damages they cause, there are long- term damages to and these are the worst. Besides the facts mentioned above, there are others that do affect the environment in one or another way. Hence, all these factors are continuously compounding their damage and affecting the global environment. The overall emission of CO2...
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