Do We Need All “Cultural Heritage”

Topics: International Whaling Commission, Institute of Cetacean Research, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Pages: 4 (1610 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Do We Need All “Cultural Heritage”?

As we know, the growth rate of whale is quite low. But there are still a few countries have whale hunting. For example: Japan and Norway. If you note the news about this, you must had seen that Japan and Norway hunted lots of whale every year. And the numbers of Japan’s whale hunting are almost thousand a year. On the other hand, bullfighting is a very popular activity in Spain. You can find that there have bullfighting in Spain everyday and every year in March to November is Spanish bullfight festival. Some individuals, organizations or countries, like WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals), call these activities should be stopped. But these countries, including Japan, Norway and Spain, claim that these activities are part of their traditional culture, and these are their “Cultural Heritage”. To Japan, the history of Japan's whaling can back to BC 1000-300 years. In Japanese history, whales are delicacies in grand banquet and holiday. As Japan has long history in whaling, it certain becomes culture. Japan Whaling association claims that “Whaling is an inseparable part of Japan’s history and culture, banned commercial whaling is plundering the important part of Japanese culture and traditions.” And Japan Whaling association public a Opinion polls that Yahoo Japan held an online poll about people support for a return to commercial whaling or not in 2006, the result showed that there are 90 percent people supports it. Bullfights in Spain have had several centuries’ history and even thousands of year’s history. Said earlier in the Roman Empire, there had bullfighting custom. Now bullfight is popular in the whole country, and there are more than 400 bullrings in Spain. Many Spanish regarded bullfight as a deeply ingrained, integral part of their national culture, and bullfight seen to be a Spanish Culture. Famous writer Ernest Hemingway especially love bullfight, he once said:...
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