Do Violent Lyrics Cause Violence

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Bianca Phillips
Does Violent Lyrics Cause Violence

Some people believe music has become a reason for children turning to violence. Are violent lyrics making children act out violently? Then there’s the other side that say stop blaming music for violence. I believe violent lyrics can cause someone to act out violently, because songs with violent lyrics can prompt thoughts of violence. Songs that talk about shooting and killing each other can make the listener more aggressive. When rappers have a beef with one another their words can turn into a violent war and leave people hurt or dead.

According to an article called “What violent lyrics do to our children,” songs with violent lyrics make people who hear them up to four times more aggressive, a Macquarie University study has found. They completed an experiment where 200 students aged group 21 were split into groups. Half the students were exposed to violent lyrics and the other half were not exposed to violent lyrics. After listening to the lyrics they were then asked how much hot chilli sauce would they make a fellow participant eat knowing it could harm them. Those who didn't hear the violent lyrics said they would give an average of 3.8g a small teaspoon. Those who were exposed to violent lyrics said they would give an average of 12.7g of chili sauce. That’s more than a teaspoon. That shows that lyrics can make you act out in anger (Mayoh). If you heard the lyrics, you were more aggressive and if you didn't hear the lyrics you were less aggressive. Lisa Mayoh and I believe that lyrics can make a person angry and even act out in anger.

When rappers make diss songs about one another their words can turn to violence. “Chicago hip-hop war of words turns violent” according to this article Chicago’s hip-hop community is in a war of words that escalated into violence. Leaving a teenage rapper dead, 18 year old Joseph Coleman, known as Lil Jojo in the rapping community. His death...
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