Do the Wealthy Have an Obligation to Help the Poor?

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  • Published : November 8, 2011
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We live in a world of 6 billion people. Unfortunately about thirteen percent of them are defined as lower class. Whereas one percent is considered upper class. Should one percent of the population be responsible for thirteen percent? The answer is no, the wealthy should not have to be responsible for the poor. The wealthy should not be obligated to help the poor because they, in most cases, have earned what they received. The poor don’t deserve to live in the conditions they do, but it is all about opportunities. The wealthy took advantage of their opportunities and got a lot out of it. The poor cannot expect the wealthy to give them a certain percentage of their income because they will become dependent on that money. Therefore the poor just need to apply themselves, and they won’t need the help of the wealthy. The government should show the poor that they can make money themselves, and that way they will be able to become independent. Although in a different perspective, the wealthy have the opportunity to reach out to the poor. It is their decision though, because their money is rightfully theirs. There is no reason for the wealthy to be obliged to help the poor. The wealthy should only help the poor if they feel compelled to do so. It is not a law that they must do so, rather a social obligation and even with that they do not have to. We need to show the poor how to help themselves, rather than being dependent on other people in society.
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