Do the Right Thing Movie

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Miscegenation, Racism Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: November 14, 2010
After watching the film, Do The Right Thing, it should be included in the syllabus for this class Nationality, Race and Ethnicity because of the fact diversity is shown in cultural differences, assimilation, and is applied to all the qualities that make everyoney in the neighborhood different. In Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing he presents a powerful message about our culture. Throughout the film there are examples of how people in real communities deal with violence and racism and their circumstances in today’s society. The majority of the people in the community are black; however, the neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York is also home to some Hispanics and few whites. This is a diverse community with all races living within one block of each other co inhabiting the streets of Brooklyn together. In this mixed race minority community many concepts are brought to light through Spike Lee’s vision. Culture is everything humans do to create to enhance their survival and well being. Community is where people share a common living area. In a community, all races have something in common. Some do not like to socialize with others outside their race and they discriminate against one other because of the color of their skin, different beliefs, or actions. It will show the class that oftentimes people do not assimilate because they are afraid of change. They are used to things being one way, but if they feel that things may change, their lives would not be the same. For instance, if a young girl moves to the USA from Japan, she has to learn to speak English and learn the American ways. Her life would change because she would have to adapt to living her life more like an American. In the movie, Do the Right Thing, no one assimilates to other traditions because they feel they would lose their self respect. Buggin’ Out, Sal, Radio Raheem, and Pino were characters in the movie that do not assimilate because they do not want to lose their “identity.” The characters in the film...
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