Do the Right Thing Challenge

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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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As I hop off my car to walk to the front gate of my school, all I hear is “OH! BEAT HER UP I HEARD THEY BE TALKING ABOUT YOU BEHIND YOUR BACK!” You see people being friends tell each other secrets and laughing to them fighting each other up not caring if anything happens to the other person. Seeing violence at a young age can affect a person to such a place never imagined. You start learning all types of ways to self-defend yourself. Now or later by seeing violence happening so much you would think killing a person would be a common schedule. How violence affected my life? It made me scared. So scared that I would never let go of my mom anywhere I went. Even if it meant going to the mailbox. Eventually you must face that; violence is everywhere and you must embrace it and not let it affect you in many ways. Violence happens everywhere. It’s over the news, internet, social media websites, school, everywhere you look there’s violence. By making fun of how someone is dressed or looks is violence. Violence can kill anyone or everyone. That person you bullied today, he killed himself right after he came home from school. A person can take so much violence before something happens. There are so many factors of youth violence. Youth violence can be caused by someone thinking it’s cool because other people are doing it. Or it might be caused by drama that developed by Facebook or Twitter. Most of the youth thinks that fighting someone will get there point across better than having to list them. For instance back in the 90’s when Notorious Big and Tupac were still alive. All the fights from the East coast and the West coast. How do you think that started? By either adults or teens trying to get there points across. Violence can be either ridiculous as in fighting for one dollar or be important as in fighting to see who gets America. Most teens haven’t found there place to fit in this world. Most of the teens who finds there place in this world earlier succeed....
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