Do the Right Thing

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  • Published : May 15, 2001
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Spike Lee's movie Do the Right Thing is an excellent portrayal of what life was and is most certainly like in some areas of New York City and across the United States of America.
His movie tells the story of Mookie an African American pizza deliveryman, trying to make a living to support his son and girlfriend. He works for Sal and his two sons Vito and Pino who hold completely opposite attitudes when it comes to race. Then there is Radio Raheem who organizes a boycott at Sal's pizza parlor because of the lack of racial diversity on their wall of fame.

As the movie begins you become well aware of the fact that the people who live in this area are extremely vocal about their opinions and attitudes towards people who are not of their race or social background. You hear words thrown around which insinuate the projection towards each other. In the movie setting the scorching temperatures were symbolic of the heat and passion rising out the hearts of each person being portrayed in this film. The social-psychological theory is quite astounding in this film. Each race shows frustration and aggression towards the other groups. Such as when Radio Raheem came into Sal's pizzeria he was rudely asked to turn off his radio. He strikes back at Sal with a similar attitude towards the situation, which in my mind was more then appropriate.

If he is coming there to give Sal and his family business then why shouldn't he be aloud to listen to whatever he wants while dining there? Sal should have realized that in order to keep his business alive he would have to not only tolerate but learn to respect his customers. Since it seemed in the movie that the area had an invasion of African Americans and Sal along with his sons were annoyed by that fact. It was almost as if it were a resistance towards them, to make them realize who's territory they were on.

The tension in this film eventually built up to the point of senseless violence against...
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