Do Students Study Better in Single Sex Shool

Topics: Education, Single-sex education, Gender Pages: 2 (839 words) Published: April 27, 2013
It is true that children are holding the key to future of a country. Therefore, educating these young owners appropriately is always a top priority of the country. Although, some people hold that child learns better in single sex school, there is an opposite opinion that each gender should be educated in separate schools. This argument occurs everywhere and is starting to become more evident in today’s society. Mixed sexes schools are the first choice are first choice for most adolescents and their parents. Even though students in single sex schools are equally good. In single sex schools, students do not have to worry about sexual attraction of the opposite sex .this enables the students to concentrate more in their studies and less socialization, or any other social situations.

Boys and girls learn in two different ways. That's why having a single sex school is more rewarding than mixed sex schools. According to Dr. Schlosser of Breckinridge County Middle School's (Kentucky) the difference between the ways boys and girls learn are the type of weather boys and girls prefer.). When there are two different people wanting two different things it’s hard to please both sides. Boys also learn much slower than what girls learn, this could be a problem for girls in the same class as boys for girls would learn and to move on. Boys also are interested in different subjects than what girls like.  Children in a single-sex school will also eliminated a lot of drama that might happen such as a girl wanting the same boy this will cause drama not only with one girl, but with both girls’ friends, and maybe even the boy. Boys tend to show off while a girl he likes is in the same class, or when boys tell a girl to be mean to another girl, to win his attention. I think single-sex schools will eliminate all harassment. I also think bullying will stop when boys won't have any girls to impress they will all get along not trying to be better than one another. Of the 71,286 girls...
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