Do Sport Drink Really Work

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Assignment: Do sports drinks really work?
How do sports drinks affect muscle reaction time?
My hypothesis is if sport drinks are consumed, then the reaction rate will improve. Sport drinks provide individuals with the required amount of water, carbohydrates and electrolytes (sodium and potassium) which is lost in sweat while exercising. Maintaining adequate electrolyte levels will enable better cell function, which is needed for muscle endurance, among other bodily capabilities when exercising. On the other end Glucose is an important source of energy, and water balance is required to maintain blood pressure and proper tissue functions. Even though water contains the required amounts of sodium and potassium, water has no carbohydrates.

* 600ml Gatorade * 600ml Powerade * 600ml Water * A stopwatch * A 30cm ruler * Two bottles * 2 test tubesExperimental design &Procedure 1. A friend and I measure our reaction time prior to exercise for comparative measures. 2. On the first day we both took a Gatorade and split it into 300ml portions respectively using the test tubes. 3. We both took one of the drinks and went on a 30min run. We sip gradually and consistently throughout the run. 4. When we return, measure each of our reaction time using the method that follows on the next page 5. On the following day we repeat our experiment following the same procedure but we only alternate the Gatorade by the powerade .Then measure our reaction time. 6. On the last day we repeat our experiment following the same procedure again but we only alternate the Powerade with water. Then we measure our reaction time. 7. I repeat the experiment all over on a period time of 3 days for a second trial.(Independent variable is the one you control – the Gatorade , Powerade and water The dependent variable is the one you measure which depends on the independent variable = reaction time, controlled is one...
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