Do Something - He's About to Snap

Topics: Employment, Violence, Company Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: January 21, 2011
Do Something – He’s About to Snap

Scenario 1:
Fire Max
If Lynne decides to fire Max the company might face the following problems: 1. The company might face a huge lawsuit especially since there is no physical evidence related to any violent behavior from his side or that he represents a real threat. 2. The company will lose a hard working employee whose previous job performance shows that he’s one of the best and hard working programmers in the company. 3. This action might actually lead Max to Snap! It might cause his violent side to surface since he will feel maltreated and was fired for no obvious reason. This might make him harmful and dangerous to his colleagues and the company. Scenario 2:

Keep Max
Lynne could act in a negative way and just decide to ignore all rumors around the office since she tried to talk to him once and nothing came out of it. Max is a good employee who didn’t do anything wrong and his colleagues are basing their fears from an incident that happened in Seattle. Problems:

If Lynne takes this action, she will lose trust from her own employees since she did not know how to deal with their worries and concerns, and they will lose faith in her future decisions. Also, employees will not be satisfied with Lynne’s decision which will create a kind of employee deviance and company strikes. It is also going to create extra cost in an indirect manner to the company because employees will want to move from their place of work or even leave the company altogether which will create a high turnover, will not be able to concentrate on their work, will work less hours, try to avoid Max or interact with him, engage in group projects or tasks that include Max, and they will be wasting the company’s time by sitting around spreading needless rumors and gossip. Furthermore, if the rumors about Max turn out to be correct and an act of violence occurs from his side, this will create a horribly negative effect on MMI because it might face...
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