Do Pushy Parents Help Children Succeed?

Topics: Need, Want, Inertia Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: November 19, 2010
Pushy parents, a term that every child feels afraid of, are criticized for controlling their children and ignoring what they needs. But, there are some people, including me think that pushy parents indeed help children to succeed. This issue has long been questioned. So, in my presentation, I will show you the full picture of pushy parents. First, I will mention why children need to be pushed. Next, I will bring up the typical example of Hong Kong parents and finally the 2 rules for pushing children correctly.

When it comes to the reason why children need to be pushed, the word inertia has crossed my mind. Basically, we all have inertia – the tendency for us to remain in our current state. We all feel comfortable in our stage and we don’t want to change because of the uncertainty in front of us. We just stop here and don’t go further. Generally, the force exerted by parents will motivate children to action. This impels children to move out of their comfort zone, trying to do something that out of their routine. If children are kept being pushed, they are more likely to face their discomfort and attain a higher level of achievement and satisfaction. They can learn different kind of things, getting a taste of something new and inspiring to broaden their scope. But most importantly, once children get used to coping with uncertainty, they are no longer insecure and held back by their fear. This is a very essential element that children have to acquire if they want to succeed.

But, why do people say that pushy parents harm their children? It’s because parents push their children in a wrong way. Due to the keen competition in Hong Kong, many parents blindly believe that the more you learn, the better you will be. That’s why they force their children to attend different classes to gain competitive edge. Some parents even regard their children as a tool to achieve their dreams. Without knowing what are their children genuine needs, parents always miss the point...
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