Do Nuclear Weapons Provide Security?

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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ESL EO Summative

Do Nuclear Weapons Really Provide Security?

Name: Evelyn Yang
Course: ESL EO
Teacher: Mr. Konecny
Date: July 20th, 2011
Arms race [1] now is an important world issue. The reason why there are lots of races is because there is a new kind of energy was found --- nuclear. Many countries are going to make more powerful weapons than other countries to show their strength. Every new events has been justified in the name of security, however, do we ever think about, “do nuclear weapons really provide security for us?” My answer is no. Although nuclear weapons are extremely powerful, but for many reasons, nuclear weapons do not provide security. Once nuclear weapons are making use of war, the earth probably will be destroyed. The processes of producing and storage are really dangerous. Lastly, nuclear weapons can cause people directly and indirectly feel unsecured. Therefore, in my opinion, nuclear weapons do not provide security. Firstly, once nuclear weapons are making use of war, there won’t have any victor. What is weapon? Weapons are things must use in war or we don’t need it. Obviously, no one will feel secure in the war. Moreover, we have such mass destructive weapons, which kill people with no selectivity. Many countries have nuclear technology at this century, and this technology is much better than in the year of 1945. In that year America dropped 2 atomic bombs in Japan each one of them destroyed a city. For example, the atomic bomb which named Little Boy dropped to Japan on 8:15, August 6th, 1945. On that day, 70,000 people were immediately killed by the atomic bombs and same number of people was injured. This bomb not only killed the people but also the city, 714 square kilometers were razed to the ground. By the end of 1945, more and more people dead, because of the lingering effects of radioactive fallout and other aftermaths, the death toll of Hiroshima was probably over 100,000people. Not only that year was influenced, but also this effect was persistent. The 5-year death total probably has reached or even preponderated 200,000, as cancer or other long-term effects happened. ( This fact was awful; nobody has security when they are dead. Nowadays, what kind of war will happen by using nuclear weapons with new technologies, we can’t imagine and we are also afraid of our life in the future. In addition, more and more countries began the investigation of nuclear weapons. Now, the amount of the nuclear weapons probably destroys 6%~10% of the earth (not include the radioactive fallout). ( So there is possibility that some day in the future the earth could be destroyed. Also if those weapons are used in the war, nobody will triumph, because everyone would die. Therefore, nuclear weapons do not provide security. Secondly, the processes of producing and storage nuclear and nuclear weapons are really dangerous. Produce nuclear weapons need nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is a kind of energy which is really powerful and dangerous. It will cause danger by many reasons. Natural calamities would cause accidents of nuclear energy. For example, recently, Japan had a nuclear crisis, and this event let people in the world feel unsafe. In March of 2011, earthquake lead Japan had a nuclear crisis. The cooling system of the reactor stopped working and they immitted the seawater into the reactor to let it cool down. The scientists said that they need to use seawater to cool down is because the general measures were not effective. Also in this crisis, the other reactors have been out of control for several times.( The radioactive fallout immediately influenced the residents of that area and in 24 hours, Canada’s west coast was checked out the radioactive fallout. Earthquake could make nuclear reactors lose control. That means other natural calamities which have something similar...
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