Do Not Teach Me English Grammar, Teach Me English

Topics: Education, Linguistics, Language Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: June 23, 2012
Advanced English Language Practice
“Do not teach me English grammar, teach me English”

Our education system is widely known to need to be transformed. To be changed are not only the quality of staff or the teacher-student ratio but also the attitude towards language education. What was found most alarming is the level of skills, which the young are supposed to have learnt; their disability to read in foreign language even the simplest instructions or write short letter.

But is this picture really justified? Are grounds for hope completely lacking and what the reform can do to change our present situation?

First and foremost, present situation should be described and analyzed. In our three stages education system learning languages looks the same on each and every level. Without distinguishing whether students’ knowledge of language is basic, communicative or advanced teachers use always the same method, which is doing grammar exercises and reading texts. There are people who claim that there can’t be anything like learning language without learning grammar and vocabulary because “language consist of grammar and vocabulary”. Is it learning grammar and vocabulary or just the method of doing it doubtful?

In discussing the issue of learning languages at school it is important not to forget about years of experience that other countries or even private schools have. An interesting example is that last time more and more courses are focused on speaking and using language. Question is whether using incorrect forms can be beneficial. Many students have problem with remembering vocabulary or learning grammar, when it is not placed in adequate situation. Being faced with need of using proper vocabulary students are able to fight out the problem of remembering. The answer for everyone’s concern can be preparing environment where foreign language needs to be used. For example native speakers could teach students with communicative language. Thanks to that...
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