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Topics: Japan, History of Japan, Shogun Pages: 3 (357 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Walker AP World History Ch 13 Reading Study Guide #1 P. 278-290

1. Describe the experience of the Vietnamese ambassador to the Imperial court in China.

2. What regions/modern countries were heavily influenced by Chinese culture, values and religion?

(Timeline P. 280)

3. When was Vietnam conquered by the (Han Dynasty) Chinese?_____

4. When did the Trung sisters lead a revolt in Vietnam?____

5. When did the Taika reforms take place in Japan?_____

6. When did the Japanese capital shift to Kyoto?_____

7. When were the Gempei Wars in Japan?_____8. What were the years of the Yi Dynasty in Korea?____

8. What was the point of the Taika Reforms in Japan?

9. How did the failure of these reforms eventually lead to a weakened emperor & a rising aristocracy?

10. What was court life like at Heian (Kyoto)?

11. Who wrote The Tale of Genji? Why is it significant?

12. How did the Fujiwara (and other noble families) gain in power?

13. How were the Bushi? Who were the Samurai?

14. How was this developing system similar to Western Europe?

15. How did the outcome of the Gempei Wars lead to a feudal age in Japan?

Read “In Depth: Comparing Feudalisms” & be prepared to discuss the following:

How did Rome & China offer examples of political organization?

How was European & Japanese Feudalism similar? How were they different?

Did Feudalism really leave both Japan & W. Europe susceptible to military dictatorships?

16. Who were the shoguns?

17. How did the shogunate system of government collapse?

18. How did the outcome of the civil war (1467-1477) lead to political division/disunity?

19. What kind of structures did the daimyos build? What was the composition of the armies in this era?

20. Despite the chaos & anarchy in this time how did the standard of living actually rise in Japan?

21. How...
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